RCP, Hoffer Oil

RCP are the UK representatives for Hoffer Flow Controls

Hoffer Flow Controls are a world leaders in turbine flow meter technology. They have over 45 years of experience manufacturing turbine flow meter solutions.

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc, is committed to the Quality System established by ISO 9001 that ensures our ultimate success by continually satisfying customer needs, improving performance, and making us competitive in the world market.

Only through the continuing partnership of customer, company and employee can Hoffer set the quality standard for customer satisfaction and sustain a Worldwide leadership role in turbine flowmeter technology.

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Overview: As a company RCP have been involved with the support, service and supply of oilfield equipment for well over a decade now. Our longest serving engineers have been involved with the industry for over 25 years and can claim to have designed and implemented some of the first successful electronic drilling systems still in use today. To this day RCP continue to supply innovative and advanced equipment.

ATEX and CE approved control equipment further enhance our portfolio, including choke control consoles, pump stroke counters and mud flow transmitters.

Differentiation from other similar companies is our ability to call upon in house expertise to resolve control and instrumentation requirements quickly and effectively, always in complete control.

Without doubt, RCP are highly regarded as control systems specialists for drilling equipment.

Hoffer Products


New: The HIT-4U Rate Indicator

RCP-Hoffer Partnership

Hoffer Flow Controls Introduces the "HIT-4U" Rate indicator with Dual Totalizers with Modbus and Data Logging...

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Hoffer Provides Flow Solution to LANSCE

RCP-Hoffer Partnership

Los Alamos Neutron Science Center is the major nuclear...

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Hoffer Provides Space Flight Qualified Solutions for NASA

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. will design, qualify and construct flow measurement solutions under a NASA contract for low flow turbine meters...

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Hoffer Flow Soltuions Improve System Efficiencies

RCP-Hoffer Partnership

Hoffer Flow Controls provides high accuracy flow measurement for a variety of applications within the power industry...

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